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Exploring El Matador Beach with:

Motivomodels.com &


All Crew & Talent Cast!

*** PARKING: You can either park and pay in the parking lot or park along the street after the “NO PARKING SIGNS” for free.***

A link to a random El Matador Beach youtube video that shows the beach and the rock formations rather well so you can get an idea of the location: https://youtu.be/Pr3FBFJ-5e8

Confirmed Talent:


Production Crew:

Photographers (5)

Lead Photographer / Producer Barry Biddle

Motivo Studios & Motivo Model Management LLC Introducing the following amazing Photographers / Visual Artists:

Kristan More, Dakota Jeffrey Reed, Kiki Polo, Brian Gunter

Videographers (2): SosaStudios, ColorNegative

MUA’s (4): Amanda Kurth, Adrie Dee (MUA & Hair), Sarah Bennett, Sylver Gaeta

Production Assistance (1): Zoey Camp

Production Notes:

Working title: Exploring El Matador – Swim & Play

Production entourage count: 24

Model count: 13 (closed)

Crew Count: 12 (closed) photographers (5), Videographers (2), MUA’s (4), PA’s (1)

Location: El Matador State Beach
32350 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265
(818) 880-0363

Date: Saturday January 26th

Meet time’s: 10AM, 12PM, 2PM (free to choose. Motivo will be on location all day)



Production Brief:


Photographers & Videographers: We will be running light to start off with a.k.a. no tripods, no remote triggers or lights, modifiers reflectors etc.. We will need to get a feel of the location before breaking out all gear.

Since the government shutdown affects most all NPS (National Park Service) DOI (Department of Interior) operation personal, we still need to operate as if potential security/Rangers will be on location. If arriving and we see trash is overflown etc or the area looks rather un-kept then we can have a free for all. Until further notice however leave everything in car and bring one camera body and 1 lens with NO shoulder bag.

Just keep an extra battery in your pocket and an extra card with cleaning cloth, hood whatever a.k.a. “running light”. Also we will be breaking either into 3 teams or splitting the day to reduce concentrated traffic on any one spot on the beach. 30 people in a huddle screams “Commercial Production”. Thank you

Daily shoot activity between models, photographers and videographers will be loosely organized as such;

6 photogs and 12 models will pair 1 photog per 2 models and enjoy 30-45 minutes of conceptual captures to dial in shooting style and composition while the photographer works with talent.

during a 15 minute rotation/break we can discuss running shoot ideas for creative compositions and utilize any props (see prop ideas below) prop owners share for ongoing creative captures.

I Barry Biddle encourage all photographers to work with videographers to articulate and verbalize to the videographers lens the creative ideas you have for shooting your current model/s (if comfortable to do so) and the settings, lenses you are using to create the composition in field / on location. All quality content will be added to the Patreon page for establishing value to the downloads and increase production value and payout to all.

Notes on presenting to the camera still or video:

DON’T BE PERFECT, BE YOU! Have fun with it with a can do, this is the way it is attitude. Remember the first 2 productions are testings so we can review and refine for future quality reels. Also all can be cut and edited for content with fun blooper reels etc. Everyone has value and all “scrap” video or image captures is not “scrap” it is always all gold.

RESPECT!  I would like to take a moment here on this page to recognize and with humble respect recognize the value I feel everyone of you has brought to this production by investing your valuable time, resources, equipment, MU, gas, day, energy, likeness, intellectual property and creativity with Motivo Studios and Motivo Model Management for this production. Thank you so much!!! We will have a great time and create some great content.

At any time anyone can call “Mercy”, take a break, take a walk, take a hike, create their own content or call it a day.

Free will is a beautiful thing and the moments we will share in capture will be valued no matter what. Enjoying the creative process means we are bound by nothing and all potentialities can be exposed given the props, presence, lens and subject matter to create.

Any questions just ask 951-409-1196

Image and Video handling;

Motivo Studios will accept all video and images from visual artists within 1 week from the production date. Motivo Studios will then manage distribution of content to talent that requests images, edits, etc..


Visual artists can manage edit requests if they so desire however Motivo Studios does not charge for edits for any production to the talent that attended the production where there likeness is captured.


Visual Artists agree to let Motivo Studios, Motivo Model Management LLC and Barry Biddle use of the content from the production date/s in their websites, social media and personal use locations in good light with tags representing the visual artists and the models involved in the image depicted.

Profit from captures:

Motivo Studios will be using the content created for profit! As a visual artist you can opt out of this exposure and profit share at any time via any form of communication we have connected to you with via this and all future production correspondences. Ref: Profit share consideration below. If a visual artist does not communicate their disinterest in having their content used it will be assumed they want to be included in profit share payouts from their work via the Publicly verified Patreon sales.

Swim Lines: TBD
Swimwear designers please contact ASAP

Sportswear: ONVOUS

(Male line confirmed awaiting shipment) Competitive swimwear brand www.amazon.com/onvous

Accessories: TBD
Have Amazing designs contact ASAP


***Talent & Crew Notice***

What you want to bring;

(1) Chair (1) sunglasses (4) waters, snacks, (1) lunch/food for the day 4-8 hours shooting (1) towel (1) hat (1) headphones (1) pair sandals (1) 50+ sun block


This is a great photo/beach skin product (in the image):

https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Stimulator-Olive-Oil-Sheen/dp/B000EGMBWU its like $5

Yes its a hair treatment but amazing for skin in photos.

Stay away from cooking oil and baby oil unless you love skin cancer and want to burn 😉



Props to bring if you have them;

Surf board, Starfish, windbreak/cabana, umbrella, extra swimsuits, activewear, wraps/shawls, cool sunglasses (clean lenses), …

Or anything you can think of for creative shoot ideas…


Pay: (see: “to be clear” below)
Additional Reward: Best images in your book!


Purpose of Production:

Motivo Studios is producing content for increased exposure for southern california and MotivoModels.com. We are looking at having a once a month traveling production where eventually between videography, photography and cell phone videos etc to create enough content to host a Patreon channel with behind the scenes “How to” videos about shooting on location, settings, working elements, production workflow, editing and overall choreography of this type of production for similar production houses, photographers etc..

Once we get the kinks worked out after the first 2 shoots we will be offering “back end” payouts to publicly available Patreon subscribers for anyone who is featured in any of our productions.

Example: One time $295 Patreon channel access fee for:

What Is Included In This Digital Download:

  • 4 Hours of On-Location Shooting and Teaching
  • 6 Hours of Post-Production
  • 30 High Res Raw Files
  • Custom Photoshop Presets, Brushes, Actions, and Workspace
  • Complete Overview of Camera Gear and Accessories
  • 7 Full Behind the Scenes Episodes
  • 23 Video Lessons (1080p, 23.9fps, H.264 mpg4, over 13 GB of material)
  • Access to Private Facebook Page for Further Learning
  • Unlimited Download Renewals 
  • Optional USB Delivery for Customers with Limited Internet Access (2-4 weeks delivery)


Payout example:

100 downloads = $30,000

  • 25% production cost
  • 25% Talent Share Pool
  • 25% Crew Share Pool
  • 25% Studio


For best results:

Motivo Studios will provide a social media coordinator that will deliver content for all persons apart of the production to viral-ize the effect of the production and share content en-mass to increase the overall profit from the future productions.

All crew and talent from the first 2 production dates will receive payouts from the 2nd and 3rd production dates where the content will be used exclusively for profit.

To be clear: The first 2 production dates January 26th and the February production (date TBD) are not paid but get paid out from March and April productions from publicly verified Patreon sales.

Any questions just ask.

Looking forward…

FB Barry Biddle






Designer correspondence:


Motivo Studios & Motivo Models of Southern California would like to feature your swimwear in our next photo-shoot installation.

There is no cost associated with this other than shipping the appropriate sizes of swimwear for the models we are shooting on Saturday January 26th 2019.

So far 3 professional photographers will be capturing over 5,000 images over an 8 hour shooting day.

We will be shooting full frame RAW images for use across all platforms in HD.

We will also have a videographers capturing many hours of HD content that you will be able to choose from.

We use Amazon Drive and you will be able to choose from any images to use for your social media, print or advertising as you see fit.

Why are we doing this? See the production page for further details.

Please confirm your interest as soon as possible so I can provide you sizes for the models.

Thank you for your consideration!

Warm regards,

Barry Biddle